Saturday, May 22, 2010

Google Celebrates PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary

Today's Google page is totally cool. Google celebrates PAC-MAN's 30th Anniversary the Google way!
Below is the screen shot of today's Google page.

What's more, you can actually play the PAC-MAN on the Google page. How cool is that.
Way the go Google!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New External HDD

When Camera's Megapixel increases, Storage also increases.
My old External HDD with capacity of 320GB have been insufficient for my storage needs. Time to upgrade.
Yesterday went shopping for new HDD and end up with Toshiba's Store Art 640GB. (Link)
At first I wanted to buy a 500GB HDD, but then I was attracted by the 1TB HDD which cost Dh699 (RM620) - way too expensive for my budget. In the end I settled with something best of both worlds - middle of both capacity and price. By the way, the 640GB costs Dh399 (RM350).

There is also another reason for my upgrade, Furby's Dell Inspiron 1420 has been dead due to HDD bad sector for some time. I planned to plug in my 320GB HDD into her Dell and reinstall everything. This is my weekend's project. Wish me luck ;)

Toshiba Store Art's info from the website:

STOR.E ART, 2.5"

Protect your data with style: Toshiba Store Art 2.5'' hard disk drives offer an original design and guarantee a reliable protection, thanks to the shock and password protection, scratch resistant plastic casing and pre-installed security system.

Main Features

  • 6.4 cm / 2.5" mobile HDD with up to 640GB
  • Smooth and comfortable to the touch: Sleek and glossy finish
  • USB powered
  • USB 2.0 HiSpeed
  • Weight around 155g
  • NTI BackupNow EZ Software

Toshiba Store Art 640GB
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/20sec f/4 ISO400

p.s. I don't know if the shock protection is real or not cause the casing seems pretty normal compared to it's more sophisticated brother; the Store Secured (Link)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sniping Paparazzis

Ever wondered how gossip magazines get their pictures of celebrities in bikini? Behold the paparazzis in action. Sniping their prey with cannons and bazookas. Sure to land their finishing shots.

Picture copyright by

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TGIF Dinner at Dome Cafe

Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) !!!!!
The only day where our life is a little bit happier.
The only day where we can sleep a little bit longer.
The only day where our mood is a little bit better.
The only day where we can be a little bit lazier.
The only day where we spend our time (on Facebook/blog/surfing/manga/anime/variety show/game) a little bit more.
The only day where our meal is a little bit heavier.
The only day where we don't have to work!

Pictures of our latest TGIF dinner at Dome Cafe:
Dome of the World
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/125sec f/2.8 ISO200

Seafood Pasta
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/15sec f/4 ISO450

Green Curry Chicken with Coconut Milk Rice
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/15sec f/4 ISO360

Smiley face ^_^
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/15sec f/4 ISO400

Friday, May 14, 2010

Al Ibrahimi Restaurant Celebrating Melvin's Birthday

Last week (7/5/10) we BMC guys celebrated our Project Manager, Melvin's Birthday at one of our favorite spots in Abu Dhabi - Al Ibrahimi Restaurant. In the middle of that day, non of us remembered it was his birthday until my hand phone's alarm started to rang. Lucky that I've saved his birthday on my hand phone, else I'll also be one of the forgetful guys here. :p After realizing his birthday, I shyly wished him in the car as we are on our way to lunch in Sharjah, another Emirate (State) of UAE after a long meeting with our project's consultant. I bought him lunch as a birthday present and I realized that he was pretty happy about it later when Furby told me that he was talking about it in their office.

Later on the day I got the news that we are going to Al Ibrahimi Restaurant for dinner to celebrate Melvin's birthday. It is one of our bosses favorite place so go when celebrating any occasion due to that the food are nice, price are moderate and they serve Teh Tarik!

Just a week after my new lens purchase, it's time to put my 35mm AF-D f/2 to real action. The fast aperture is perfect for the low lighting condition and bokeh background shots.

Sweets on display
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/80sec f/2 ISO200

Savory Arabic-Indian food of Al Ibrahimi
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/15sec f/2.8 ISO400

Happy Birthday Melvin!
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/15sec f/4 ISO800

Slice of cake
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/30sec f/2.8 ISO400

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mommy

Today is Mother's Day. Although I'm not able to celebrate this great day with my beloved Mommy, I really wish that she have a greatest day today. Thanks Mommy for bringing me up to the person I am now. I love you.

Greatest Mommy in the world.

D90 50mm f/1.8 at 1/60sec f/1.8 ISO800

Saturday, May 8, 2010

H - Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic

Well well, today I'll release the suspends I've created in my old blog regarding my 27th birthday present with the letter H. If you wish to read the histories behind you can read at : My first announcement 30-3-2010, First sneak peak h... and Second sneak peak more h...

I'm really happy to have first ever Swiss Automatic watch as my present. Thanks Bibi so much ^^. I love the present very much (but of course not as much as my love for you. paiseh paiseh :p). This is so far my best present I've ever received as a present. The dial has a simple yet classy design. Together with the black leather strap with crocodile skin texture it really brings out the elegant feeling. Hehe...

Detail description of my present:

Country : Switzerland
Collection : JAZZMASTER
Model : H32515535

Movement: ETA Cal. 2824-2 25 jewels Swiss Automatic.
Functions: Date calendar, window display.
Case: Solid 316L Stainless steel. Combination satin/polished finish. 3 piece construction (bezel, core, back).
Crown: Water Resistant style. Factory Logo engraved/embossed.
Crystal: Sapphire. Very slight dome profile.
Dial: Black color. Guilloche texture. Applied polished Silver color markers.
Hands: Steel color. Super-LumiNova radiation-free luminous filled.
Case Back: Screw-on style ( held by screws ). Observation crystal.
Band: Brown color. Alligator style textured leather.
Clasp: Deployant style. Factory Logo engraved/embossed.
Water Resistance: 50m/165ft /5atm.
Case Size: 41.00mm. 11.00mm.
Warranty: 2 years Factory Limited.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Lens Collection - Nikkor 35mm AF-D f/2

     My lens collection have got another upgrade with the addition of the Nikkor 35mm AF-D f/2. The 35mm f/2 is a great fast wide angle lens for the full frame (FX) camera body. But equipped on a cropped sensor (DX) camera body, it is transformed to a fast normal lens (with a 1.5x crop factor, the focal length become 52mm).

     Already in my collection, the Nikkor 50mm AF-D f/1.8 which is supposed to be the fast normal lens. But when equipped on my D90 (DX body) it becomes a little telephoto side (with a 1.5x crop factor, the focal length become 75mm). At times I find it a little hard to frame my pictures as the magnification is rather big at 75mm and the minimum focus distance of 45cm it adds to the difficulty to compose up close. However it makes a great portrait lens at 75mm, no doubt about it.

     The 35mm f/2 has a great close up feature with minimum focus distance of 25mm! Taking pictures up close sure is convenient. At wide open f/2, the sharpness is remarkable (at center, corners seems to be a bit soft according to various reviews) and the bokeh produced is marvelous. It has a compact size of 65×44.5 mm, just slightly bigger and longer than my 50mm f/1.8. Makes a great set up for a casual day photography and attracts less attention compared with big zoom lens. Of course it is a full frame lens and a AF-D lens hence it will be compatible with any FX body and film SLR in future. Ngek ngek...

Some shots of the 35mm AF-D f/2 took in my room yesterday.
Set up: D90 with 50mm f/1.8 at 1/60sec f/2.8 ISO200 Nissin Di622 fired from upper right at 1/32 power.

Set up: D90 with 50mm f/1.8 at 1/200sec f/5.6 ISO200 2 x Nissin Di622 fired from lower left and right at 1/32 power.

 Sample test picture with the 35mm AF-D f/2:

Portrait of our villa's new cat.
D90 35mm f/2 at 1/100sec f/2 ISO200