Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 is Gone 2011 is Here

Year 2010 had given way to 2011, a brand new year especially for me, Furby and our cute little golden puppy Bear Bear. We shifted into a new home and experienced 00:00:01 1.1.2011 together in our little home. Lots of new things happened in my life. A new house we rented in Puchong which almost everything in it is new, a new neighborhood, a new family member: little golden puppy, a new used car we got for a great price from our good friend, reporting back to my company's main office which I left for 2 years where many new faces and rules and regulations imposed (swt). It enough for me to kick start a brand new year in an absolutely new environment.

Recapping what I achieved in 2010. Using back my 2010 resolutions as a guide will be easier:

1. Ring the bell. ^_-  Did not managed to ring it. But did proposed to Furby :-)
2. Build our own home sweet home. It's under construction ;-)
3. Istanbul (Failed to go there last year. This year must go before project finish!) + Euro trip with my beloved. Failed miserably to fulfill this :-(
4. Visit to my ancestors’ mother land - China. Big success. Visited China twice in 2010. Chengdu and Beijing. Both a great trip for me and Furby to remember ^.^
5. A new car. Not exactly new but, yeap done it ;-)
6. Further reduce nicotine intake. I'll confess that it's much lesser than 2009's intake
7. Bring my family a trip oversea. Failed :-(
8. Enjoy 2010 with no regret. No regret!

My set of new year resolution for 2011:
1. Earn more and spend less.
2. Spend more time with family.
3. Bring my family to a oversea trip.
4. Another try to ring the bell.
5. Improve my career achievement and status.
6. Have more fun with friends.
7. Further more nicotine intake.
8. Finish up BMC project and see it operate.
9. Go for an oversea trip with Furby (our Europe Trip)
10. Reach the tip of South East Asia.
11. Improve my physical health.

I think that's all for now. If want to write everything it will be damn long list. Lets see how many can I achieve.