Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back From Heaven, Straight To Hell

I'm back from a great trip in Sichuan, China. Visited the busy city of Chengdu, cute and cuddly pandas, amazing ancient hydraulic technology, breath taking Huang Long and Jiu Zhai Gou, gigantic Buddha in Leshan and relaxing Emeishan.

I'm now back in Abu Dhabi, sitting in a never ending problem at BMC project and lonely bed room at home.

What a big contrast.

Anyway, read this touching picto story in FB (shared by Darek from Lowyat Forum) and decided to share it too at Ed's Place. I know some of you might have read it before, sorry cause I'm a little slower. There might be others that have not seen it. Cheers :-)

In the mean time, I'm sorting out thousands of pictures snapped in my Sichuan trip to be edited and uploaded to Flickr & Facebook. Have some patient ok? ^^