Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Satisfying Dinner in Abu Dhabi

Yesterday we worked late and had no choice but to eat out. Pity my colleagues as they have to be held at the site cause we have only one vehicle for ferrying us to and back from work. One of my colleague suggested to try eating at a new restaurant I've never been to. She says it's in the same direction back home. So every one agreed. However I think we spent nearly 1 hour just to arrive at the location due to my colleague can't remember the exact way and another colleague tried to be Mr. Garmin and brought us to few dead ends.
The restaurant name is Noodles Bowl. A Malaysian restaurant which serves many of Malaysian famous food. I ordered a Flat Noodles in Seafood Sauce (it is Wan Tan Hor if you are wondering ) and Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun. I also managed to taste some Malaysian food that I have been missing for some time like Dim Sum and Fried Kueh Teow.

Its been awhile I had such a satisfying meal in Abu Dhabi.
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  1. T.T got wan tan hor, here got dust only.

  2. yalor... i also cant belief it at first. taste not as good as back home oso nvm.

  3. toh: well.... good food isn't found everyday. eating maggi mee today :(